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Simple ways to start and set a Morning Routine.


This guide is focus on principles that allow anyone to build a routine that works for them. For the most part, these principles are timeless and can be revisited months and years away and still work. Just like breakfast is famed for being the most important meal of the day, other morning rituals can be vital to setting the tone for a successful day, week, and life! There is no one-size-fits-all formula since individual preferences and needs vary so greatly, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get in tune with yourself

Taking time to set an intention or ask yourself what you need first thing in the morning gives you something to come back to throughout the day. Think of a single word or a short phrase that describes what you want to focus on, and write it down somewhere you’ll see it.

Word to the wise: focus less on physical tasks (“go to the grocery store” is an intention, but not the best kind for this exercise) and more on internal tasks. For example: “I will be intentional with my time”

Learn something new

You will surprise the stuff i don't know at my age. There is so much to learn you will be amazed. But learning new things wakes up the brain in the same way that physical activity wakes up the body, making it the perfect morning-time activity. 

Move your body

Its as simple as it sounds do some light stretching or move in any way that serves you are is comfortable and works for you. Its a great way to increase mobility after laying in bed in varied positions. It will increase oxygen boosting and jump staring your cells to invigorate you.

Be mindful about what you read

Its easy to read whatever is on social media since it so accessible these days, but consciously make an effort to to directly to ready something motivating and positive to boost your daily inspiration and vibes.

Studies has shown that reading just three minutes of troubling news in the morning can make you 27% more likely to report having a bad day six to eight hours later! By contrast, the same study revealed that reading a bit of uplifting news made participants 88% more likely to report having a good day.

Be patient you are enough

The first step in setting a morning routine is being patient while you figure out what works for you. Some will spring out of bed at 6 a.m., ready for a five-mile run, while others prefer to start slow, with tea or coffee and maybe meditation.

Getting frustrated because you’ve set expectations for yourself and aren’t meeting them is maybe the easiest way to ensure you’ll give up and just stay in bed forever. In short, get creative with your methods and be patient with your timeline.

Prepare for the next day the night before

When you write down the things you have to do for the next day slightly before going to bed, it puts your mind at ease, letting your subconscious work a little less.

The two main benefits are:

  • You stop thinking about it, letting you fall asleep easier; and

  • When you wake up, you get clarity on what you wrote down.

  • Make selfcare a added practice, you can include all the great essential from your 180degreebox 

    Try these routine see how they may add to your selfcare and lifestyle.


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