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Soulful Self-Care Ideas for Any Weekend or Weekday

Self-care is a buzzword nowadays, but in reality, it’s extremely important for our mental and physical health. Everyone needs to slow down once in a while; to do what they want to do versus what they have to do. 

Relaxing, recharging, and giving your body, mind, and spirit a chance to reset is essential to being your best self. Everyone has their own form of self-care, whether it’s running, reading, meditating, or watching television. Whatever it is, do a lot of it! 

The best time for self-care? When you have time, especially on a long weekend. If you are looking for some self-care ideas for the three-day weekend, we rounded up the best activities to unwind and give your mind a break featuring goodies from the 180 Degree Selfcare  June solstice Serenity Box!


Try a new wellness ritual

Nourishing your body from the inside and out is a great form of self-care. Whether that’s introducing new vitamins or supplements into your system, or a good healthy brew like the energy hot and cold crystal tea, or trying a new workout, creating wellness rituals can improve your mental health as you condition your mind and body to adopt these new healthy habits.

Establish a skin care routine

Beauty routines have the ability to really make you feel grounded and present. Not only can it be a form of meditation if you treat it as such, but it’s also great that you’re actively treating doing something to improve your skin. We like to use the extra time to apply a face scrub, like the c.l.l.c resurfacing detox face scrub. It’s a great summer skin care treat to keep you glowing and even out skin texture.  Then follow up with a nourishing non greasy moisturizer, like the earth harbor luminance ampoule for extra hydration and nourishment. Your skin will thank you! 

Hydrate and keep it fun

Whether your at home or on the go enjoy staying hydrated with a fun water bottle that can even be used with your summer brews or just plain water is just fun when it has motivation and inspiration. Top it off and  use your russbe sandwich and snack bags while your on the go or on a picnic to relax and unwind.  Picnics are an excellent way to recharge.


Meditation is a beautiful form of self-care. It teaches you so much about being alone with your mind, body, and spirit. It’s also helpful in learning more about your moods, anxiety, and how to cope when life throws something unexpected your way. Even if you don’t deal with any anxiety or moodiness, meditation can even help with your confidence and self-esteem and learning to slow down. The best way to meditate? Lower the lights in your room, use relaxing essential like the without contrast rose quartz essential oil or other relaxing essential that relaxes you and find a practice that works for you. 


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