Blush February 2023 - Women's Selfcare and Lifestyle Box – 180degreebox

Blush February 2023 - Women's Selfcare and Lifestyle Box

We’re bringing you ALL the love with this month’s Blush box, featuring an array of essential and tools to pamper and love yourself.  

When I created this 180 Degree selfcare and wellness blush box I want you to have days of just caring for yourself in the extreme, I was imaging you coming home from a long day and just diving in and have a full on spa date, after all it the month where love needs to be a  little extra. 

Valentine’s Day is of course all about love. Remember to celebrate all the love you have in your life. Romantic love, family love, the love of good friends, and the love you have for yourself. It’s so important to take the time to love and appreciate the things that make you – you! Make a point of practicing self-care as part of your celebration of the love you have for yourself!

There is so much to enjoy in this selfcare box. but let me highlight one or two items for you. The entire box was just luxurious. 

This rose chocolate drink is such a great relaxing wellness treat. I love choosing healthy goof for your treats for the 180 degree box.  You get to have you rose and chocolate without the guilt. 

Experience the dance of rose petals in your hot chocolate. A romantic mood enhancing chocolate drink created with flakes of rich, luxury chocolate and delicate rose. 

Enjoy the sweet fragrance of rose meets the decadent richness of chocolate in the warmth of a steaming chocolate sea. Enjoy it hot or chilled!

This decadent chocolate mix is love, beauty and bliss in every sip. Perfectly balanced with earthy notes of cardamom. This sacred drink made with pure Ecuadorian cacao, is a perfect treat for all your senses.



Boody’s Chunky Bed Socks are crafted to be the perfect companion for cool and cozy days. Made with soft and sustainable bamboo viscose, each pair delights both your feet and Mother Earth! Spend your day lounging and relaxing with these cute and comfy socks that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and out!

Featuring a loose breathable opening and a secure non-slip fit, these thick and feet loving socks will glide softly on your foot and sit comfortably mid-calf. A premium hand-linked toe seam and reinforced toe and heel steps up their comfort guarantee with durability and longevity.

A very versatile accessory even outside the bedroom. 


Be transported to a secret paradise and melt away all of your daily stresses and worries as you seep into your own luxurious bath house with this summer rose bath salt by measurable differences. 

The Dead Sea Salts in each vial detoxifies the full body all the while being a natural muscle relaxant and pain reliever! For this leg of your staycation, treat yourself to a relaxing soak, and leave your staycation feeling rested, restored and rejuvenated. Each one of Measurable Difference’s / Summer & Rose's six vials of bath salts contain Rose, a romantic floral known to promote emotional calmness and mental balance. 


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