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Balancing Selfcare & Wellness while you Work your 9 to 5 Job

Are you feeling drained and exhausted after a long day at the office? It's essential to prioritize selfcare and wellness, especially when you work a 9 to 5 job. By incorporating selfcare practices into your daily routine, you can feel recharged and thriving, even during the busiest workdays.

What is Selfcare?

Selfcare is the practice of taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It involves activities and habits that promote relaxation, stress relief, and overall health. Incorporating selfcare into your daily routine can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance and improve your overall quality of life.

How to Incorporate Selfcare at Work

One way to incorporate selfcare into your workday is by using essential and tools sent to you in a selfcare subscription box that is easy to use at work.  Essentials to help you take on the day like a true champion. Items such as essential oils, stress-relief toys, healthy snacks, and calming teas. Having easy access to these selfcare tools at work can help you take short breaks throughout the day to rejuvenate and refocus.

Benefits of Using your Selfcare essentials at work

Subscribing to a selfcare and wellness box  provide numerous benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and productivity, and boosting overall well-being.

Taking short breaks to practice selfcare can help you feel more energized and motivated to tackle your tasks, leading to a more positive and fulfilling work experience.

Remember, prioritizing selfcare and wellness is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and feeling your best, even during the busiest workdays. By incorporating selfcare practices and using the available tools and essentials provided in you selfcare box will certainly help you  feel recharged, thriving, and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.


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180 Degree box is all about living to the fullest and incorporating all aspect of life into our monthly subscription boxes so you always enjoy a full experience each and every time for a balance selfcare and wellness lifestyle journey
We hope this guide has inspired you to embrace inducing selfcare and wellness into your work life so you can feel less stress and more balance at the end of the work day.