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Arlene’s Top 5 Travel tips for Short and Long Adventures

travel tips for summer

The summer  season and longer days are to be savored, enjoyed and cherished, yet to do that we often need to take time to breathe, ground and remember our focus. The same can be said for travelling. When we are prepared for travel, weather just going to the park or a longer trip, we can overcome any challenge that may come our way.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can enhance your journey and create unforgettable memories.

I'm  always prepared, and always on the go. Let me share with you my Top 5 Tips Travel Tips to make sure you are prepped and ready for the long summer days and any season.

1. Don’t leave your beauty routine at home. “Maintain your regular beauty routine and save space by taking travel sized versions of your favorite products to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing.”

2. Stay hydrated. “Carry a bottle of water with you as it’s important to stay well-hydrated when traveling or out and about.” like the water bottle in the June solstice serenity box.

3. Pack your own snacks. “Remember your favorite healthy snacks and supplements to stay energized.” Having a quick pick me up with you is essential when its not time for a big meal. Use essentials like the 4 pack snack and sandwich bags by russbe also in our June 180 degree selfcare and wellness box.

4. Carry on your essentials. “Pack essentials in your carry-on, in case your luggage goes missing.” be prepared with the most important essentials like vitamins, snacks, meds etc, by your side and in you carry on always. 

5.  Live in the now. “Be in the moment. Sometimes we put so much energy into taking photos that we forget to take in the beauty and enjoy the moment.” and make your plans mindfully so you enjoy them more because you're doing something that you love and want to do.


 Embrace Flexibility  While planning is important, it's equally essential to be open to changes and unexpected opportunities. Embrace the spontaneity of your adventure and allow room for unexpected adventures or detours along the way. Immerse Yourself in the Local Culture.

To truly experience a place, interact with locals, try authentic cuisine, and participate in cultural activities. Be respectful of local customs and traditions, and always seek to learn and understand the local way of life.

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